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How to enable Historical Garbage Collection using your TEPS.

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How to enable Historical Garbage Collection using your TEPS.


Here are the steps to enable historical collection. In this example, I've used Garbage Collection Analysis as the item I want to collect history on. But you can use any other attribute if you want to enable history for that specific attribute.

1. Login to your TEPS console and go to the Edit / History Configuration (Ctrl+H) menu. You will see this window pop up.

2. Expand ITCAM for WebSphere and high-lite it. Right-click and go to Create new collection setting. Give it a name, description, select Garbage Collection Analysis as the Attribute Group and hit OK. See screenshots here.

3. Now modify the Basic, Distribution tabs as shown below. Set the Collection Interval as shown below:

4. Verify the historical collection has started. Go back to the Historical Collection window (step 1) and verify that the new collection shows up as green. If its not green, its not started successfully. If it is green, you are good. This is how it should look (see red box in screenshot here:)

5. Now go back to the TEPS screen, look at your Garbage Collection Analysis panels on the right. If you have history enabled and your collection interval has passed, you should see history data show up on the panels now.

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