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IBM SPSS Statistics dialog windows do not show when a second monitor disconnected

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Using IBM SPSS Statistics worked on desktop with a second monitor without any problems. Due to hardware changes, the second monitor is now disconnected and the display mode is set back to a single monitor use within Windows.

When this happens, there are some dialog windows of IBM SPSS Statistics that has not moved back to the desktop. When trying to display these windows, they do not appear on screen.


IBM SPSS Statistics remembers the location and size of dialog boxes that has been used previously.


There are two ways to resolve the problem.

The first and recommend method is to reset the dialog windows within SPSS Statistics.

* Within Statistics 21, go to: Window > Reset Dialog Sizes and Positions

Click 'OK'

If this is unsuccessful, you can edit the Windows registry entry which stores this information.

*** SPECIAL NOTE *** Please take appropriate actions to back up your entire registry before attempting this step.

* Delete the following registry key which stored the size and position information for SPSS Statistics:

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