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This technote contains download information and Fix Lists for the latest Interim Fixes for Domino 9.0 ( Note that Interim Fixes are cumulative and contain all of the fixes from previous versions. The latest Interim Fix for Domino 9.0 is Interim Fix 6 (November 2014).


Domino 9.0 Interim Fix 6 (released November 2014)
  • Interim Fix 6 for Domino 9.0 addresses the following SPRs (and all SPRs in prior 9.0 Interim fixes)
    SPR Description
    ITDL9PWMFU CVE-2014-3566 - SSLv3 POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption)
    (technote 1687167)
    KLYH9Q3L4V Add support for TLS 1.0 inbound
    KLYH9Q4KQ5 Add HTTP support for TLS 1.0
    DKEN9N8T3M Remove weak SSL/TLS CipherSpecs
    GFAL9PVDN8 SSLv2 not disabled for IMAP
    YDEN8RNH22 Enhancement Request: Support for TLS specifically for SMTP
    DKEN9PJNBC Enhancement: SHA-2 for Certreq database
    DKEN9PJNGP SHA-2 capable tools needed to manage Domino SSL keyring files
    DKEN9PRNQT Enhancement: SHA-2 for OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

Interim Fix 5 for Domino 9.0 (released October 2013)
  • Interim Fix 5 for Domino 9.0 addresses the following SPRs (and all SPRs in prior 9.0 Interim Fixes)
    SPR Description
    CCLI9AMA82 iNotes workload CPU regress around 10% against V901_08082013 build
    CSCT962QBG dbmt -force requires exact case and directory delimiter
    DMNI9AKAGK HTTP crash in NItem::SetValueFromBrowser when calling Cstricmp with a NULL pointer (technote 1648803)
    JPAI8Y6VJF NONSUMMARY data getting stomped causing corruption in medium and high encrypted databases
    JPAI965RZM Compacting of DBMT in Cluster will only do certain databases unless -force N specified
    PTHN9AYK2X iNotes Stored Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (CVE-2013-5388, CVE-2013-5389) (technote 1653149)
    PTHN9AYK5F iNotes Stored Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (CVE-2013-5388, CVE-2013-5389) (technote 1653149)
    PTHN95XNR3 iNotes vulnerabilities (CVE-2013-0590, CVE-2013-0591, CVE-2013-0595) (technote 1647740)
    VPRS8TWTSE Server Crashed With: Lockmemhandle() Handle 0x30313132 Is Not A Valid Memhandle (technote 1596387)

NOTE: The following iNotes fixes are addressed through the downloads listed above and supersede Interim Fix 3 for IBM Domino 9.0.

SPR Description
PTHN97XHFW iNotes security issue (technote 1645503)
XHBJ95R542 Search operator or, OR, ACCRUE don't work well for iNotes
CCNI95J8PM INotes Quota warning is hardcoded to English

Note: The W64 version of Interim Fix 5 (IF5) for Domino 9.0 has been updated because of an NSD issue discovered that affected the 64-bit Windows version only. This NSD issue was only present in the Windows 64-bit version 90IF2, 90IF3, 90IF4, and the original release of IF5.

The name for the new download file is (original file name was . The fix ID did not change.

The new Windows 64-bit version includes one additional SPR (#TCHL9E5T5S) that covers this issue with NSD.

* * *
Solaris and IBM i V5R4 are not supported with Domino 9.0. (technote #7037859 - IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Requirements)

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