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Licensing options for IBM SPSS Client/Desktop products in Virtual Environments.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Different virtual machine deployments require the use of different licenses.


SPSS products deployed on virtual machines fail to function due to licensing issues.


The technology used to license SPSS products is sensitive to hardware and operating system changes.


Any virtual environment.

Diagnosing the problem

SPSS products deployed on virtual machines fail to function due to licensing issues.

Resolving the problem

If the virtual environment mimics individual, independent physical devices, where the components of the virtual machines do not change (VMware Workstation), then the use of Authorized User licensing should not present any difficulties. Any other type of virtualization -- specifically those where a single instance/installation of the SPSS Statistics Desktop/Client application is presented to multiple simultaneous end users as if they alone are logged in (e.g. Citrix/XenApp, Linux with multiple active displays, etc) -- will most likely require the use of Concurrent User licensing.

For information regarding support for placing the Concurrent Licensing Tools license manager on a virtual machine, please see Technote 1677004.

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