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User is able to input data (in data entry) even though company/period is locked

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Customer has configured the system (via Maintain -> Period Locking) so that both the company and period are locked.

However, when a user clicks "Company -> Data Entry - Reported Values", they are still able to make changes. How is this possible?


Users are able to input/change date inside locked periods.


There are several possible causes for similar symptoms.

  • TIP: For more examples, see separate IBM Technote #1385501.

This Technote relates to the scenario where the cause is that the customer has ticked the box '" Unlock all periods".
  • When this is selected, all periods, submissions and companies are opened.
  • The checkbox overrules any settings in the Maintain/Period Locking/Change-Period Locking by company.

More Information:

See also the User Guide under “Lock Periods”.

Resolving the problem

Untick the box "Unlock all periods".


1. Click "Maintain - Period locking - Change multi period locking"

2. Untick the box "Unlock all periods".

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