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NullPointerException creating a JIRA issue from CLM

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you create a JIRA issue and link it to a CLM resource, you get a NullPointerException in the Bug Creator window.


A 500 error code with a NullPointerException stack shows in the Bug Creator window when you create a JIRA issue.


If a Default Assignee is not set for a JIRA project, it causes a NullPointerException when you create an JIRA issue from a CLM application.

This issue is identified as a product defect.

Resolving the problem


Assign a Default Assignee for the JIRA project that is linked with your CLM application:

  1. Edit the JIRA project configuration. From the Projects menu, select the project that you want to edit. 

  2. Click Administration in the upper left of the Project page.

  3. Click Roles in the lower left of the Project page.

  4. Assign the Default Assignee for the project.

For more information about a Default Assignee in JIRA, see the JIRA documentation.

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Modified date: 09 October 2013