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CRJZS5627E error when configuring the Data Warehouse during RTC setup

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Attempts to configure the Data Warehouse for use with IBM Rational Team Concert results in "CRJZS5627E Unable to read or write the properties file index path with the path" error.


The following error may be seen when attempting to configure the Data Warehouse:

CRJZS5627E Unable to read or write the properties file index path with the path <PATH>
Check the file and directory permissions and restart the server


The errors are related to the following values in the teamserver.propeties file for the IBM Jazz Team Server application (JTS): < directory path > < directory path >

Generally, the above directory paths are automatically configured during setup. Occasionally there will be a problem and the paths need to be manually configured in the JTS file.

Other problems with these directory paths include:

  • Using the non-short name with a directory that has spaces

  • Using backslashes in the path

  • Not escaping the colon in the path

Diagnosing the problem

Verify the values in the JTS are set correctly

This file can be found in <JazzTeamServer Install Directory>\server\conf\jts

Resolving the problem

To resolve the CRJZS5627E error, verify the values in the JTS (located in <JazzTeamServer Install Directory>\server\conf\jts directory) are set correctly.

EXAMPLE: The values should look similar to the following:\:/PROGRA~1/JAZZTE~1/server/conf/jts/indices/workitemindex\:/PROGRA~1/JAZZTE~1/server/conf/jts/indices

In the example above, these values are INCORRECT, and will cause the error:

    C:\Program Files\JazzTeamServer\server\conf\jts\indices\workitemindex
    C:\Program Files\JazzTeamServer\server\conf\jts\indices

Change the above values to resemble those below, which are CORRECT:

Note: Use dir /x to verify the short name of the Windows directories

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Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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