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Due to a slow long running large Tivoli Storage Manager for Microsoft Sharepoint backup, it is desired to split up the backup into smaller pieces. How can this be done?

Resolving the problem

There are two ways to split the plan, one is filter mode, the other is tree mode.

Filter mode
Filter mode can be used to add filter, thus as long as the created site collection meets the filter condition, it will also backup these site collections, but do not need to be manually added into plan.

For the filter mode simple operation, please find below.
1. The filter mode place

2. Filter has following levels: webapp, site collection, web, list

3. This filter can be used to get the node which is wanted in the farm, and backup these nodes, as long as it meets the filter, even if the site collection is a newly created one, backup process will also back it up.

4. After filling in the filter, click preview to confirm the filtered node

5. Filter supports regular expression

6. The plan created through filter mode will filter for the data, only backup the data in specified filter, then as long as different plan use different filter, the requirement that backup for all data can be achieved.

Tree mode
1. If the webapp does not have 'include new function', then this plan can be at least split into two: each plan has one corresponding webapp.

2. If one webapp has many site collections, then it can be split into multiple plans, one of the plans is used to include new data, the other is used to backup the existing data.

3. Create 'include new plan' method is as below,
a. Check webapp

b. Remove the site collection node which does not want to be backed up

c. Save the plan, then the site collection which has not been checked will not be backed up, and because it retains 'include new function', the newly added site collection will be backed up.

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