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Upgrading RRDI results in CRRRA2083E error during RRDI setup

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Attempts to upgrade IBM Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence (RRDI) from V2.0 to a later update of V2.0 results in Receiving error CRRRA2083E error.


This error occurs in the 'Build and Deploy Reporting Component' step of the RRDI setup wizard:

      The reporting components could not be deployed due to an error. CRRRA2083E: Cannot connect to the report server.


The original port used during the initial setup was different from the one used by the RRDI upgrade. The original port persisted in the RRDI setup repository, and the Rational Reporting Setup Wizard was using this value instead of the port defined in Websphere Application Server (WAS) profile. The Failure at the time of 'Deploy reporting components' step in the RRDI setup wizard, is due to the mismatch port. This condition create failed test for the reporting server connection due to port or RRDI application unavailability.

This situation also occurs if the first attempt to deploy the Cognos "IBM Cognos.ear" was targeting the wrong WebSphere Application server profile. This condition persists the port discovered by the initial installation wizard attempt. Any new profile created or selected by the Wizard will not be replaced in the RRDI setup Wizard repository.

Why does the port information persist?

  • The IBM JazzTeamServer (JTS) in [RRDI-Install-Location]/setup/tool/JazzTeamServer is a "private" cover of the JTS server used exclusively for the Setup wizard. Even though the RRDI versions have moved up, the same JTS version is being used and no migration is needed.
  • User data (all values entered in the RRDI setup wizard) are persisted in a triple store database, as a collection of files in the [RRDI-Install-Location]/setup/tool/JazzTeamServer/server/conf/rrdi/repository directory.


Sample environment:

    • RRDI was originally setup up with the default port 9080
    • A later decision to use a different port for the application was made. Assuming the new port number is 9135. The configuration of IBM WAS profile for the RRDI application is modified to uses the new port 9135. This means that updates to IBM Cognos configurations, cogconfig.bat(.sh) and JazzNamespace (jazzns_config.xml) to use port 9135 where made.
    • The report server runs without any problem with the new port.

Diagnosing the problem

  • The URL in jazzns_config.xml contain the new port: <report-server url="https://<server>:9180/reporting/servlet/dispatch"/>
  • HTTP transport port in WebSphere for the report server is correctly configured to use the new port 9135

Error in rrdi_setup.log:

08/23/2013 17:39:51,437 ERROR : CRRRA2083E: Cannot connect to the report server.

cogserver.log: 3792 2013-08-23 17:12:35.719 -8 server.startup : 2 LOGSV 6235 1 server.Audit.IPF StartService LogService Failed <parameters><item name="Port"><![CDATA[9362]]></item><item name="Mode"><![CDATA[UDP]]></item><item name="Secure"><![CDATA[FALSE]]></item></parameters> 8684 2013-08-23 17:30:10.911 -8 Thread-35 LOGSV 6235 1 server.Audit.IPF StartService LogService Failed Log Server socket error <parameters><item
name="Port"><![CDATA[9362]]></item><item name="Error"><![CDATA[Address already in use: Cannot bind]]></item></parameters>

  • The Cognos Configuration (cogconfig.bat(sh)) will be updated with the old port value or 9180 and the new port 9135 will not be present, even if the attempt to update the cogconfig.bat(.sh) to this new port were made before the setup wizard is executed.

Resolving the problem

If upgrading from 2.0.x to any version earlier than, and including 2.0.4, and the report server is up and running after this situation, this error can be ignored.

Simply ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The port in the "Environment" section of the Cognos configuration, cogconfig.bat tool is set correctly
  • The jazzns_config.xml is configured to use the appropriate port.

NOTE: The reason you can ignore this error in this situation is that the error indicates failure in deploying the reporting style. Since there is no change in the reporting style between 2.0.0 and 2.0.4, failing to deploy it can be ignored.


If you wish to complete the RRDI setup without error, and do not want to ignore the error, the workaround is:
  • Back up all the files in [RRDI-Install-Location]/setup/tool/JazzTeamServer/server/conf/rrdi/repository directory
  • Delete the content of this directory.
  • Start the RRDI Setup Wizard again
  • Re-enter values for all the steps and fields in the RRDI setup wizard.
    This will regenerate and persist all data point in the RRDI repository directory with the new information.
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