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IBM Notes Hangs While Opening MIME Messages

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User report Lotus Notes hangs while opening MIME messages. Typically, the client will show "Not Responding", and in some cases, if the user waits for a significant amount of time, the error "Stop running this script? A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly."

In the cases in which the user is given the prompt "Stop running this script?" If the user clicks "No", then the email will eventually open.


Lotus Notes will hang, and in some cases will prompt "Stop running this script?"


The cause of the issue was discovered to be the Live Text Widget feature that is available in MIME messages.


Lotus Notes 8.5.3 (or later)

IBM Notes 9.0 (or later)

Diagnosing the problem

To diagnose this issue, you must run NSD while the client is hanging. NSD can be run manually by doing the following:

  1. Go to Start menu on the OS,
  2. Chose "All Programs" --> "Lotus Applications" (or "Notes Application in Notes 9.0) --> Support --> Collect Lotus Notes Support Data and Keep Notes running

This action will generate a NSD and mostly importantly, a Javacore file, which is stored in the .\data\workspace\logs directory.

The Java Call Stack will contain the following threads:

Java callstack:
at org/eclipse/swt/internal/ole/win32/COM.VtblCallWrapped2(Native Method)
at org/eclipse/swt/internal/ole/win32/COM.VtblCall(Bytecode PC:16(Compiled Code))
at org/eclipse/swt/internal/ole/win32/IDispatch.Invoke(Bytecode PC:19(Compiled Code))
at org/eclipse/swt/ole/win32/OleAutomation.invoke(Bytecode PC:232(Compiled Code))
at org/eclipse/swt/ole/win32/OleAutomation.invoke(Bytecode PC:16)
at org/eclipse/swt/browser/IE.execute(Bytecode PC:185)
at org/eclipse/swt/browser/Browser.execute(Bytecode PC:17)
at sun/reflect/NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun/reflect/NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Bytecode PC:83(Compiled Code))
at sun/reflect/DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Bytecode PC:6(Compiled Code))
at java/lang/reflect/Method.invoke(Bytecode PC:163(Compiled Code))
at com/ibm/rcp/annotation/ui/browser/BrowserScriptLoader.execute(Bytecode PC:218)
at com/ibm/rcp/annotation/ui/browser/IEBrowserAnnotator.getText(Bytecode PC:26)
at com/ibm/rcp/annotation/ui/browser/IEBrowserAnnotator.runInUIThread(Bytecode PC:30)
at org/eclipse/ui/progress/UIJob$ PC:51(Compiled Code))

Resolving the problem

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering in SPR NDDC9C3LJH and is currently under investigation for the 8.5.3 and later releases.

To disable Live Text in MIME email, please copy this entry:

... into the <Notes_Install>/framework/rcp/plugin_customization.ini file. Relaunch the client for this configuration to take affect.


The location of the plugin_cusotmization.ini is located in the install_mpkg\deploy\ folder.

Document information

More support for: IBM Notes
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Software version: 8.5.3, 9.0

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1652008

Modified date: 07 September 2016

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