Customization of string when modifying Strings for profile field labels

Technote (troubleshooting)


You may have issues with customisation string if you try to modify the profiles strings as stated here.
the labels remain the older ones, without any change.

In installedApps/Profiles.ear/ com/ibm/lconn/profiles/strings/



Starting in IC 4.0, we use freemarker templates for most of the UI
display, so the properties file "" is not used for many of the UI screens.


LC 4.0 CR3

Diagnosing the problem

Starting in IC 4.0, we use free marker templates for most of the UI
display, so the properties file "" is not used for many of the UI screens.

The strings for the display rendered by templates are located in the
template directory, like:

<dmgr profile

You can edit existing labels in the corresponding language file in this
directory, e.g.,, etc.

For more information on customising profiles strings refer to:

Resolving the problem

Ensure the updated got synced to the filesystem
of the node. The most likely cause for the problem is that the sync of
the file was not effective or the Profiles application/server was not

Check <appserver node>/config/cells/<cellname>/LotusConnections-config/
profiles/templates/resources/nls/ and ensure it
has the edit that was made in the dmgr repository.

As a test, try to change


label.displayName=Nome: (this is an edit)

Sync the change to the node, and restart Profiles. Then access a
profile with your browser locale. The edited label appear as

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