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Generating a report results in "the screen report system busy" error in Rational System Architect

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to generate a report results in "the screen report system is busy at this time, please run the report again later" error in IBM Rational System Architect (SA).


The full error message is as follows:

The screen report system is busy at this time.
Please run the report "NAME" again later.

Note: The "NAME" will be the name of the report you are trying to generate.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open the properties window

  2. Use the menu:

    Reports > Report Generator

  3. Either:

    1. Select a report from the list and optionally, you can press the button Edit to modify an existing report's options.


    2. Press the Add button and enter your new report options.

  4. Press the button Generate

  5. Select a definition from the report tab window

  6. Press the Edit button (not advanced edit).

  7. Change the name of the definition.

  8. Press Save

  9. Open the report generator

  10. Run the report.


The error message means SA is currently running a report and something happened to request that another report be run.

Note: This check and error message has been in place since SA version 10.5.

Additionally: there a product defect first reported with System Architect where waiting does not solve the issue. The reference is APAR id PI05870.

Resolving the problem

If this is a result of user action, then you have to wait a while and try to generate the report again.

If waiting does solve the problem, then try the following WORKAROUND's to the referenced product defect:

  • Close the current query result window and run the query again


  • Reopen the encyclopedia


  • Close SA open the encyclopedia again.

The referenced product defect is fixed with with the fix pack version of SA. Please see the Fix List for Rational System Architect. You must uninstall your existing SA version then download and install the fix pack version of SA.

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Modified date: 19 May 2014