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Registry Services documentation and code contain references to unused namespaces

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Registry Services messages and code base contain references to two unused namespaces: and


Registry Services returns a payload containing unused namespaces for HTTP GET requests that you send to the application. These unused namespaces are: xmlns:oslc_data="" and xmlns:oslc_data_sm="".

These references are also returned through the explanation of the error message CTJFP0004E, which you received whenever Registry Services find unused namespaces.


The references to both unused namespaces were incorrectly kept in the Registry Services code, messages, and general documentation that is exposed through Jazz for Service Management Information Center.


All supported Jazz for Service Management middleware and operating systems.

Diagnosing the problem

Send an oslc.where query request to Registry Services.

If the application finds an unknown namespace while processing your request, it returns an HTTP status code 400 (BAD REQUEST) and the following error message:

CTJFP0004E - The Registry Services application found an unknown namespace while processing the oslc.where query query at the position: characterPosition. The used namespace prefix namespace does not match any of the predefined default nor any of the user defined namespace prefixes.

If this defect exists, the <Explanation> to this message contains incorrect references to xmlns:oslc_data="" and xmlns:oslc_data_sm="" references.

You can also diagnose this defect through the payload that Registry Services returns for any HTTP GET query request. If any of those unused namespaces are found in the returned payload, the defect exists.

Resolving the problem

The permanent fix for the defect to prevent the problem is available in the 1.1.0-TIV-JazzSM-Registry-multi-FP001 package.

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Software version: 1.1

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1651512

Modified date: 26 August 2014