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Interim Fix 3 for IBM Notes is available for download from IBM Fix Central.


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Once installed the hotfix version will be 90SHF316.

Notes Standard Configuration
Fix Central ID
Download link & file name
** In progress. No ETA**

W32 Notes Basic Configuration
Fix Central ID
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** In progress. No ETA **
SPR Fix List
ACRS87ZKTR Chat Window Notification Displays Incorect Name and Does Not shift focus
AGUD97HR8H Signature insertion fails intermittently
AJMO99WLM9 Update JTZU to tzdata2013d
CDLL99VCS2 Uninstall issue with ST embedded addon from Notes9_refix
CDLL9BD56K Content is not loaded automatically for Business card intermittently
CDLL9935N2 Need a way to set left/right space for title bar of SViewForm
CDLL9BD5JZ Refine business card to take up less room
CDLL9BD5QD The icon for business card is still old in task bar
CWOT969K3R keyboard navigation in RTE Browser widget broken with IE on some pages
EFEZ975M3H Branding changes required for building Notes 9.0 hotfixes
HPES975KHQ Standard Client about box incorrect
LQIU98RHSL Mac: click Sametime icon on the Dock can not open contact list
LQIU99YGDJ Font size in chat
MLUO8WTBZX Mac 10.8: Sometimes Chinese texts could not be shown/input when input Chinese in ST chat window
MMAS95LPEX Name Does not show in who column chat history view
MXMX9ABBUG refresh() mothod of org.eclipse.jface.viewers.TableViewer will show the selected item in Linux(Ubuntu)
PHAN98UKJB Xsite scripting issue
PSIH993B42 Meeting accept throws "server not responding" error
SJWG98U5JB uim sip registration fail when login with user/pwd then relaunch with ltpa token
SJWG98C9W8 Basic function of chat/open chat history doesn't work after install UIM to none ASCII path
SSDI999D5K Fewclix api is not working for Categorized Inbox
SSIA975C4Q Search "All Mail & Archives" from Search Center is failing if server based archive created via policy (technote 1644121)
TMDS96WSEJ PURGE_RECENT_CONTACTS ini variable causes Notes to crash (technote 1635247)
YYWG9B8HUD Business card issue will cause chat window fail to open and layout issue after resizing
YYWG98U82S Mac Retina: screen capture via cmd shift control 4 is not working as expected
** Note: The SPRs listed below were initially fixed in Interim Fix 1 or 2. **
CLUG95GBZ6 Changing fonts in RTE does not work if no text is selected
JMOY95H59S Security Vulnerability regarding Passwords (technote 1636154)
JMOY95BLM6 & JMOY95BN49 IBM Notes accepts Java applet and JavaScript tags inside HTML emails (CVE-2013-0127, CVE-2013-0538) (technote 1633819)
HBJW95PBZ8 Pager issue in catalog XPage UI (technote 1631707)
IKHN8V9EJ7 Sametime Chat Transcript Location Issue
MDOY97XJ7Y Need to revert to the 8.5.3 XPages View Navigator as the default in 9.0
MXMX9727RG Mobile Client Status is displaying differently than other clients.
NCDL973CA7 Bad behavior when press enter in empty quick find bar
NPEI95BQLK Security Vulnerability regarding Passwords (technote 1636154)
NPEI96K82Q Security Vulnerability regarding PNG integer overflow (technote 1635878)
PJOK959J24* Security Vulnerability regarding Lotus Notes Multi User Profile Cleanup service (technote 1633827)
SBUR96FUSE A number of users reporting "The buffer pool is too full to bring in another page"
SHAH95AE6Y Avoid showing prompt for save password
SHAH96LB8T ST Media functionality not working correctly after installing certificate
SJWG95S9JT Notes calendar plugin cannot work as expected on Mac
SMOL933FAH SUT Lite call should show telephony status similar to SUT calls
SJWG96K98F Reset to Default contact list font cannot work
SJWG96S46G Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in Sametime Clients - Password can be found on the clear on client's memory (technote 1635218)
SVRO95WSTT On Mac 10..8.3, following a URL link in a ST chat window, URL will open in browser but Finder Window takes topmost focus

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