inet: Local Computer:0 and then the Server Login: Local Computer dialog.

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Applying the Statistics 21 Fix Pack 1 or installing IBM SPSS Statistics 22 in a Windows Environment that includes Zone Alarm causes Statistics not to launch successfully.


User installs Statistics 21 Fix Pack 1 on Windows or installs SPSS 22. When they launch the software they receive the following error:

Attempt to connect to a remote server failed inet: Local Computer:0

Then followed by the 'Server Login: Local Computer' dialog window.


Zone Alarm is the cause of the error as the firewall settings are blocking the application to launch successfully.


Zone Alarm
Windows 64-bit

Diagnosing the problem

There can be many different causes of this error; however, in this scenario the cause was directly related to Zone Alarm's firewall not allowing Statistics 21 to launch successfully after applying the Statistics 21 Fix Pack 1.

Resolving the problem

Under Zone Alarm's firewall settings, locate the application control, click on select programs to allow and selected IBM SPSS Statistics 21.0. or IBM SPSS Statistics 22.0
Allow all options on the program IBM SPSS Statistics 21.0. or IBM SPSS Statistics 22.0
Save the changes per the screens in Zone Alarms user interface.
Close and re-launch Statistics.

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