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Controlling whether sort and filter information in Cognos Workspace is exported to PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets: for BI

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When you export a widget to a PDF document or to an Excel spreadsheet, sort and filter information displayed in the information bar in IBM Cognos Workspace is exported.


Any sort and filter information (including filters applied by a slider filter, select value filter or prompt control) displayed in the information bar is exported to a PDF document or to an Excel spreadsheet.

This is the default behavior in Cognos Workspace. However, you may not want to include this information in the export.

Resolving the problem

In Cognos Workspace version and later, you can change this default behavior. An administrator must create a parameter in IBM Cognos Administration. After the administrator creates the parameter, the sort and filter information will no longer be exported. To re-enable the export of this information you must delete the parameter, or set its value to false.

This setting applies to all workspaces in your business intelligence environment.

This task must be carried out by an administrator who has the appropriate
permissions to change your IBM Cognos Business Intelligence application in IBM
Cognos Administration.

1. In Cognos Administration, on the Configuration tab, click Dispatchers and Services.
2. Click Set Properties - Configuration.
3. Click the Settings tab then, in the Environment category, find the Advanced settings configuration setting.
4. Click Edit.
5. On the Set advanced settings - Configuration page, create a parameter that is calledVIEWER_HIDE_INFO_BAR_ON_EXPORT and set its value to true.
6. Click OK, then click OK again.

For more information, see Exporting workspace widgets to different formats in the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.1 information center.

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