Unable to open Metric package following upgrade from 8.3 to 10.1.1

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Following an upgrade from 8.3 to 10.1.1, three metrics packages were upgraded. Two of these can be successfully opened in Metric Studio 10.1.1 but the third fails with an error.


WHILE updating user DB
WHILE An error occurred while retrieving user information. Check your IBM Cognos BI configuration settings.
WHILE checking DB session
WHILE initializing CMM DB Session
WHILE processing request for pid 'null'
WHILE Executing page 'null', from pageMap 'Unknown, since pid 'null' doesn't exist in any of the page maps', via request:


The upgrade of the metric store was unsuccessful.



Diagnosing the problem

Checked the ..\logs\MetricStoreUpgrade\<package> directories. The successfully upgraded metric stores had 26 files in the directory but the problem metric store only contained 6 files. The 000-cmm_drop.sql.log file contained the following error :

Error was: The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'cmm_drop', database 'lm_metrics_mi_2012', schema 'dbo'.

Resolving the problem

Restore the pre-upgrade database backup of the problem metric store. Ensure the metric store user has the correct privileges and redo the upgrade.

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