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Installing Rational Asset Analyzer Plug-in on Rational Developer for z/OS results in error CRIMA1071E

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Attempts to install IBM Rational Asset Analyzer (RAA) Plug-in (RAAi) for IBM Rational Developer for System z (RDz) results in the error CRIMA1071E.


You may receive a message similar to the following when installing RAAi in a RDz V9.0 environment:

IBM Rational® Asset Analyzer Plug-in for IBM Rational Developer for System z® cannot be installed into any package group.
CRIMA1071E: The installation package 'IBM Rational® Asset Analyzer Plug-in for IBM Rational Developer for System z®' requires components supplied by other packages.
The required components might be supplied by the following installation packages:
Package: Rational® Developer for System z 7.6


The RAAi installation program does not yet support RDz 9.0.

Resolving the problem

Install RAAi 6.1 into RDz 9.0 by manually copying the plug-in jar files to the Eclipse dropins folder.

Follow the steps below to install RAAi:

  1. Find the jar files by opening the file and looking in the plugins folder for these two files:

  2. Find the dropins subdirectory.
    1. Right click on the properties to find the shortcut used to start RDz. 
    2. Look at the Target property to see where eclipse.exe resides
      For example: C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP

  3. Create a dropins subdirectory if one does not exist. 

  4. Copy the two jar files above to the dropins subdirectory.

  5. Restart RDz (Run as administrator)

  6. Verify you have an Asset Analyzer entry in the left pane after RDz restarts by clicking on Window > Preferences from the menu.

If you later wish to delete this copy of RAAi 6.1, simply remove the two plug-in jar files that you previously copied into the dropins subdirectory.

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Software Development Rational Asset Analyzer for System z

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More support for: Rational Asset Analyzer

Software version: 6.0, 6.1

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Modified date: 08 October 2014

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