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"No reconciliation between forms and opening balances was done when the import file was created" warning during data import

Technote (troubleshooting)


User clicks "Transfer - Import Data". User chooses a data file, and starts the import. User receives warning message.



No reconciliation between forms and opening balances was done when the import file was created.
If you decide to import this file remember to run the reconciliation reports.
Do you Want to Import the File Anyway?
[Yes] [No]


This is by design.

More Information
In general terms, the financial process period cycle starts with data being put into the system.

  • The data can come from many different functions inside Controller, for example: fPutVals, direct data import (inside data entry forms), import from staging tables, import from Framework Manager etc.
The next stage (of the financial cycle) is for the relevant users (those responsible for the subsidiaries) to check the validity of the data that they have inputted into the system.
  • One method to achieve this is to run reconciliation reports.

Therefore, since the user is going to import data (inside this screen) the system is merely reminding the end user that it may be a good idea to run reconciliation reports after this data import.
  • One consequence of importing 'bad' (invalid) data is that the next stage of the financial process period (consolidations) would get interrupted, because this data would need to be corrected at this stage instead.

Resolving the problem

If the imported data comes from a trusted source, and you are sure that its contents are valid, then there is no other action to perform (other than to click "Yes" to import the data).

If there is any concern over the validity of the data, then (after importing the data) please ask the relevant end user to run the relevant reconciliation reports (to check the data).

  • This end user will typically be the relevant (super)user responsible for the specific subsidiary which has had data imported.

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Software version: 10.1.1

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Modified date: 23 September 2013