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DE 1.4 does not support or higher on Linux

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Does DE 1.4 support libstdc++so.6 or higher on Linux?


When you install TIP on Redhat 5 that has C++ standard library as /usr/lib/ or higher, the installation process failed as CIT commands were failing with return code 1.

ACUOSI0050E External command action failed with return code 1. Invocation string: /usr/ibm/common/acsi/bin/wscanhw, -o, /tmp/collector6121817250515411664.tmp, -c,/usr/ibm/common/acsi/dat/config/scanconfig.xml 


The above error is reported because /usr/lib/ or higher is not supported. CIT works only on and lower

Please follow the following procedure to fix this issue:

Both 32-bit and 64-bit RHELv6 machines are missing by default. The fix is to install the compat-libstdc+-33 packages.

On 32-bit and 64-bit systems, run the following command:

$yum install compat-libstdc++-33.i686

On 64-bit systems also run, run the following command:

$yum install compat-libstdc++-33.x86_64

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Software version: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

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Modified date: 05 September 2016

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