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Step by step to deploy a JViews application under WebSphere Application Server 8.0

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How to deploy a JViews application under WebSphere Application Server 8.0 ?


The following instructions are given for the JViews Gantt Editing sample but also apply for any JViews application.

  1. Start your WAS 8.0.
  2. Open the Administrative Console.
  3. Select Environment > Shared libraries: Create a shared library named jviews and add reference to jviews-chart-all.jar, jviews-framework-all.jar and jviews-gantt-all.jar in the Classpath section.
    There is no need to include other 3rd party jars as the WAS already has those as part of its distribution. When including those, you might encounter some conflicts.
  4. Under Applications > New Application, install a New Enterprise Application
  5. Browse and select the jsf-gantt-editing.jar
  6. Accept the default selection "Fast Path" on the next step.
  7. In the next 2 steps, select the jsf-gantt-editing module and click Next.
  8. In the Map Context Roots for Web modules: specify /jsf-gantt-editing in the Context Root field.
  9. Then move forward until Finish to install the application.
  10. Save the configuration.
  11. Under the Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications, click on the jsf-gantt-editing-war to view detail. At this point, there should be an X under application status which means it has not been started.
  12. Under References > Shared library references, select the module ILOG JViews Gantt Editing Viewer and click on Reference shared libraries.
    Here is where you associate the shared libraries which you have created in step 3.
    Save the configuration.
  13. Back to the Enterprise Applications list, select jsf-gantt-editing-war and click start.

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More support for: IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise
SDK:Thin Client

Software version: 8.8

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Modified date: 23 September 2013