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How to create the MSI from the Statistics 22 executable on Windows

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What are the steps to create the MSI for a push install for Statistics 22 to use for an unattended/silent/Push installation of the client software product on a Windows platform?


[DISCLAIMER - The following is only an example. This is an actual successful test performed on a Windows XP 32-bit computer. Your executable bitness and folder paths may vary]
NOTE: The following example makes the following assumptions:
a) That you have the correct administrative permissions to performs the MSI extraction.
b) That you have already download the software's executable from the IBM Software Downloads Portal.

1) Create a folder on your local drive or an external drive that will contain the software's executable [for example: F:\SPSS\S22\WINDOWS - EXE>]

2) Copy the Statistics 22 32-bit msi (SPSS_Statistics_22_win32_.exe) to the folder location created in step 1

3) Create a folder inside of the directly path that you created in step 1 'S22-MSI' [for example: F:\SPSS\S22\WINDOWS - EXE\S22-MSI]

4) Open up a Administrator Command Prompt and navigate to where the software's executable is located F:\SPSS\S22\WINDOWS - EXE>

5) Run the MSI extraction command using the '/b' switch. Use the absolute path of the folder created in step 3 to contain the newly created MSI:
SPSS_Statistics_22_win32_.exe /b"F:\SPSS\S22\WINDOWS - EXE\S22-MSI"

6) This will create the following objects in the MSI folder created in step 3.
IBM SPSS Statistics 22.msi (769,992 KB)
1033.MST (4 KB)

7) Depending on your license type, follow the steps in the installation documentation to push the software's MSI out to the users computers.

Concurrent License Administrator's Guide.pdf
Authorized User License Administrator's Guide.pdf

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