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DataStage command-line compile (DSCC.EXE) Exit Codes

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What are the possible exit codes returned by DSCC.EXE ?


 exit code 1
     - invalid command line argument
     - invalid argument combination (cannot use /af option with any of /d, /h, /u, or /p options)
     - error retrieving credentials from authentication file
     - authentication file contains invalid details
     - password was specified without username
     - no jobs specified
     - invalid job type specified
     - other initialization error

 exit code 2
     - Error report cannot be saved to specified location

 exit code 3    
    - Job does not exist
    - Object is in use and will not be compiled. Or contains no design info to compile
    - job is read only
    - Object has been released and cannot be compiled
 exits code 0
    - command executed normally - some compilations may still have failed if /rcf not specified
    - Only compiling uncompiled Jobs, this job will not be compiled. *
 exit code -1  
    - /rcf option specified and one or more jobs failed to compile.

* changed by APAR JR47259 - previously exit code 3 returned when using option /ouc (Only Compile Uncompiled Objects) and a previously compiled job is skipped.

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