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Old Version CICS access module CACCIVS being used

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When using Classic Data Architect, the following error was received.

java.sql.SQLException: The old version of the CICS access module, CACCIVS is being used. Install the latest version in CICS.

How can this be resolved?


All configurations that require access to CICS VSAM files use federated access, which provides direct access to the files without performing functions or data transformations. To set up federated access, define a VSAM connector program that runs in the CICS region. The VSAM connector discovers the attributes of a source VSAM file when Classic Data Architect is used to map the relational tables in the data server.

The default name of the VSAM connector program is CACCIVS. Configure the user copy of the sample member CACCDEF in the SCACSKEL data set to create the CICS definitions required for CICS VSAM support. The default CICS transaction name is EXV1, and if you change this name you must change it in the CICS definitions as well. Using the configured sample, the CICS administrator can follow the instructions in CACCDEF to install the VSAM connector definitions.

CACCIVS supplies the CICS side of the connection and the VSMS service provides the Classic server side of the connection. Ensure that there are no old versions of CACCIVS in any of the concatenated libraries in the STEPLIB.

So you may need to run the CACCDEF job. Also, ensure there is not an old version of CACCIVS in another version concatenated in the server step lib.

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