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How to enable VMXNET virtual network adapter on Guardium virtual appliance

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We'd like to use VMXNET virtual network adapter but it's not recognized by the Guardium virtual appliance. How do we resolve the issue and how do we enable the adapter on Guardium?


According to the VMware's web site, VMXNET virtual network adapter doesn't have a physical counterpart, and it will be enabled after installing VMware tools.
Guardium requires a network adapter and won't show the CLI login window if the network device is not recognised during the installation. This is the reason why the Guardium installation will not be done if VMXNET is used.


These steps will resolve the issue:

1. Create a virtual machine on VMware using a default network adapter (e.g. E1000 or Flexible).

2. Install Guardium on this virtual machine. This should be completed without any network adapter error.

3. Install the latest GPU cumulative patch for Guardium to avoid any known issues.

    For instance there is a known issue when using the following command

      store network interface inventory

        and a KeyError: with details may be returned

4. After the installation, logon to the CLI console and run this command to install VMware tools.
    setup vmware_tools install

5. Shutdown the Guardium system from the CLI console.
    stop system

6. Edit the virtual machine settings using a VMware client tool (e.g. VMware Infrastructure Client).
    • Select the current network adapter and remove it.
    • Add a new network adapter of type is VMXNET.

7. Boot the Guardium system. VMXNET will be recognised and the CLI login prompt will be displayed.

Now it's ready to use the Guardium system with the VMXNET network adapter. Configure the network using the " store network" commands as usual.

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