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New IMS SQL coprocessor available with Enterprise COBOL 5.1



With APAR number PM92523, Enterprise COBOL 5.1 adds support for an IMS SQL coprocessor. The coprocessor converts IMS SQL statements in the code to COBOL statements.


A new option, SQLIMS, directs the compiler to send identified IMS SQL statements to the coprocessor where they are converted to COBOL statements.

The following document (IMS SQL coprocessor_Oct 4.pdf) describes the new option syntax and how to code and compile programs containing IMS SQL statements. It describes additions to the version 5.1 Language Reference and Programming Guide (currently available from the COBOL library page at:

IMS SQL coprocessor_Oct 4.pdfIMS SQL coprocessor_Oct 4.pdf

Note: To use the new IMS SQL coprocessor, you must also have IBM IMS Version 13 with PTF UK98028.

You should also see the following IMS publications:

Note: The IMS SQL coprocessor is also available with the IBM Enterprise COBOL Developer Trial for z/OS available at:

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Information Management IMS z/OS 13.1

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