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Modify a publication while it is active

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If a publication is modified while it is active, will the publication be reinitialized?


Yes, but the Correlation Service should be recycled for the change to take effect.

In the InfoSphere Classic Information Center for V9.5, and Classic Data Event Publishing Guide and Reference (SC19-1121-01), Chapter 2. Configuring Event Publishing >
Creating and modifying publications > Activating, deactivating, and reinitializing publications, the documentation indicates that if a publication is changed while it is active, the publication should be reinitialized.

The following two clarifications apply to this topic:
1. If the publication is modified while active, it may automatically be reinitialized. This can be verified by checking the server log for a message indicating reinitialization.
2. Even after the publication is modified and reinitialized, the Correlation Service should be recycled for the publication change to take effect.

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