All users of the HLASM sample usermod ASMAIEV

Technote (troubleshooting)


After applying HLASM mainenence, alias IEV90 no longer points to the updated ASMA90 module


IEV90 points to an incorrect version of ASMA90


After applying HLASM PTFs which rebind module ASMA90, the sample usermod ASMAIEV was not executed. This meant the IEV90 alias was never updated to point to the correct version of ASMA90.



Resolving the problem

The sample USERMOD:ASMAIEV provided in library hlasm_hlq.SASMSAM1 should be run again to recreate an updated alias.

The HLASM manual: HLASM Installation and Customization Guide details the actions required to re-apply the sample usermod AFTER ANY APARs or PTFs which rebind ASMA90 have been accepted.

If you use this sample usermod, you NEED to rework and execute the sample as described in the HLASM Installation and Customization Guide.

When running sample ASMAIEV:

  • Ensure that all PTF service which affects part ASMA90 is ACCEPTed before applying USERMOD ML00009 to avoid regressing service to that part.
  • Use the REWORK option if you change the USERMOD frequently.

Specify REWORK if the USERMOD name will be reused every time and you do not prefer to use the REJECT command before receiving the USERMOD.

Every time you re-apply the USERMOD, increment the value of REWORK using the form of yyyyddd.

For example: 2013256 would be Friday the 13th of September 2013.

If you do not increment the REWORK option, then on subsequent APPLY commands the REDO operand is required on the SMP/E APPLY statement.

For the USERMOD, do not perform any ACCEPT processing.

For further details on usermods, refer to the SMP/E User's Guide SA22-7773-18 Chapter 17: Building a user modification

HLASM provides sample ASMAIEV as an aid to migrating from the older assembler product to HLASM. Without prejudice: it is our intention that HLASM 1.6 will be the last release that sample ASMAIEV will be supplied. JCL procedures etc should be updated to specify the correct name for the assembler: ASMA90.

See for more details.

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