MustGather for Unmodelled Commands

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The data you should gather and upload immediately after filing a new Unmodelled Commands PMR for ITNCM


If the SmartModel driver detects commands it does not know about on a device, it will log so in the UOW Log, e.g.

    (26) Converting CLI to XML
    Number of processed lines     124
    Number successfully converted 124
    Number of rejected lines        0

    Conversions breakdown:
     As modeled     97
      Via CLI_LINE   27

    Rejections breakdown:
      Cause undetermined    0
     Parent was rejected   0
     Invalid indentation   0

When raising a Support Request we typically need the following to begin diagnosis:

  • Completion of the Preparing for MustGather and the Data Gathering mandatory for all ITNCM issues sections of MustGather for ITNCM

Followed by data gathering of the following into the MustGather directory:

  • A copy of /opt/IBM/tivoli/netcool/ncm/logs/Intelliden.log and /opt/IBM/tivoli/netcool/ncm/logs/driver.log from the Worker Server that processed the Import UOW
  • The UOW Log .

    Save this as uow_<uowNumber>.txt
  • A "show version" and a "show running" (or equivalents) from the device.

    Please save these as shver_<deviceName>.txt and shrun_<deviceName>.txt
And finally:

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