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FastBack DR failures prior to

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Pre FastBack Server DR replication failures.


Exposure to several APARs that have already been fixed. This is a list of the DR specific APARs fixed in and earlier versions:
6.1.11.x: IT04834
6.1.10.x: IT01665
6.1.9.x: IC96377, IC97744, IC97148, IC99069, IC99493, IC99633
6.1.8.x: IC91498, IC92640, IC92675
6.1.7.x: IC87751, IC88451, IC88452, IC88654, IC89353, IC90074
6.1.6.x: IC82297, IC83526
6.1.5.x: IC80776, IC80445, IC80414, IC78899 IC67767, IC74600, IC75492 IC64237 IC63266

Diagnosing the problem

Given the number and impact of the APARs that have already been fixed, the steps in the 'Resolving the problem' section of this TechNote should be done first to save time by ruling out known issues.

Resolving the problem

1. Download or, if available, a later version of FastBack.

How to download current versions of FastBack applications.

2. Upgrade at least the FastBack DR Hub and FastBack Server. Ideally, the whole environment should be upgraded.

Upgrading a FastBack environment in the correct order.

3. When at least the DR Hub and FastBack server have been upgraded, review and implement the information in this TechNote:

Increasing the Fastback DR timeout value

4. If the DR replication is being done to a Tivoli Storage Manager Server, review and implement the information in this TechNote:

DR replication fails ANS0246E (RC2070) ANS0266I (RC2302) Disconnect 1

5. If the FastBack Server, or DR Hub Server is installed in a virtual machine, review and implement the information in this TechNote:

Running FastBack on virtual machines

6. Run the utility documented in this TechNote:

Use of FastBack Utility FBDRHousekeeping.exe

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