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Fix list for IBM Connections 4.5 CR2

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This document lists the fixes included in IBM Connections 4.5 CR2 cumulative refresh.


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 4.5 document.

CR2 is a set of 20 cumulative fixes; each will update the entire application. The CCM (Connections Content Management) fix should only be installed on Connections environments which have Content Management configured.

CR2 requires the use of a new version of the Update Installer, which is published in Fix Central:

Fix Central download link for 4.5 CR2 package (

CR2 includes all fixes in CR1, plus fixes LO74499 and LO74629, listed in this document. It also includes LO74571 for Connections Mail support. It is not necessary to apply these previous fixes if you are installing CR2. CR2 can also be applied on environments that have those fixes already applied.

CR2 updates the applications listed in this table:

CCM (Connections Content Management)
Mobile Administration

CR2 is applied as a complete set. The complete set includes the fixes listed in this table:

Application APAR number Description
Activities LO76429 Improved functionality when creating an Activity based on template using APIs
Activities LO76563 Corrected the redirect after Activity authentication to go to Activities not My Activities
Activities Fixed the incorrect results when exporting Activities based on the last updated field
Blogs LO75450 Improved message handling for Ideation Blogs
Blogs LO75461 Remove incorrect text from Communities/Ideation Blog concerning Template Settings page
Blogs LO76629 Improved "Liking" of Blog Comments
Blogs Corrected spelling error in Ideation Blog
Blogs \ Bookmarks \ Calendar LO75951 Formatted String that was cut off in the Homepage Events widget
Blogs \ Bookmarks \ Calendar LO76642 Addressed a performance issue for Public Bookmarks under high usage
Bookmarks Fixed "My Bookmarks not refreshing after creating public bookmark
Bookmarks Fixed internal issue with changing a Private Bookmark to a Public Bookmark
CCM Portlet Updates for CCM Library Portlet and Activity Stream Portlet
CCM/Filenet Fixed the problem when the Distinguished Name Search functionality required by Connections Content Manger fails to find users and groups when Custom IDs are enabled in a 4.5 Connections Deployment.
Common LO74554 Improved the formatting of the hover text for the Member Template in IE
Common LO76527 Made improvement to @mentions when using the German keyboard layout
Common Improvements in logging for Proxy consuming time log for proxy servlet
Common Fixed the problem with Wiki parent pointer disappearing upon clicking on the name in color themes
Common Added support for the German symbol @ for @mentions
Common Fixed the display issue for I'm Following in the Next Generation Theme
Communities LO74524 Fixed problems saving communities with large descriptions or images when using Oracle.
Communities LO75412 Fixed an incorrect Link to Community Bookmark in Summary widget on Overview page for IE
Communities LO75645 Fixed a problem where multiple copies of Action buttons appear if the menu builder is called repeatedly.
Communities LO75844 Fixed Javascript Error in IE for Create Community Forum
Communities LO75845 Fixed error when entering a Community
Communities Increased the number of characters that can be searched in a Community Description beyond the first 300 characters
Communities Fixed the problem when inviting users to a community in the Import dialog
Communities Corrected the page size of the table space in the script REORG TABLE SNCOMM.LC_WIDGET USE SNCOMMTMPTABSPACE
Communities Improved error handling for feeds on a Private Community when the user is not authenticated,
Communities Improved error message for wsadmin removeMembers commands
Community Calendar LO76308 Fixed the Calendar date picker to display the correct date
Communities Catalog LO76370 Enhanced logging when a DirectoryClosed Exception is thrown when reading the Communities Catalog
Connections Mail LO76567 Fixed an issue with Connections Mail when using SPNEGO/Kerberos
Connections Mail LO76567 Fixed an issue with Connections Mail when using SPNEGO/Kerberos
Core Corrected untranslated stings for Thai
Custom Library/ ECM Integration / Filenet CCM LO75916 Fixed error when Approving a draft on behalf of Community Owners
Discussion Forums LO75699 Fixed the customization of Forums strings
Discussion Forums LO75867 Resolved error when adding new Forums to a Community
Discussion Forums LO75983 Fixed the problem when a Forum Owner cannot make a reply when the Forum is locked
Discussion Forums LO76482 Fixed error in Forums API for entries containing PDF
Discussion Forums LO76587 Adjusted the alignment for the Forum Title alignment on Public Forum List
Discussion Forums Fixed word wrapping problem for Forums to break at the end of the word not in the middle.
Editor Addressed issue in the editor’s Help which did not open when the language is set to German
Filenet Updates for Filenet Events
Files Fixed the problem when Help text is not displayed in the file picker in the Activity Stream portlet
Files Fixed sizing issues for buttons on the file picker
Files Fixed word wrapping in for Comments in the Files application
Files Fixed the problem in SametimeMeetings when Add files from My Files panel is not operating correctly (IE8 and IE9)
Files Fixed problem when deleting earlier file versions for Community Owned files
Help Updates for IBM Connection Help in all languages
Homepage LO72288 Resolve "number expected" exception in Activity Stream that may occur on IE
Homepage LO75452 Enhanced "Add Edit" support for iWidgets on Homepage
Homepage LO75951 Fixed format issue in Event widget
Metrics - Cognos LO75755 Fixed performance issue for Metrics when doing CBI adhoc reporting
[DB schema update required, Tech Note will be provided]
Metrics - Cognos LO76403 Fixed display problem when a user is in Metrics and the "Application" menu item also appears selected
Metrics - Cognos LO76494 Fixed the problem when a Community owner can not see the top ranking reports on community metrics overview page, and the report language always display English
Metrics - Cognos Fixed problem with Community reports which failed to be created if it has the inactive owners
Mobile Fixed the format for Community Invitation and File Update in Mobile
Mobile Addressed issue that may occur when using WAS within Connections Mobile Admin Console
Mobile Mobile Integration for IBM Docs
Mobile Mobile: Fixed a problem where Activities Goal would not displayed
Mobile Fixed an issue retrieving a Blog entry when using a Mobile app
Mobile Removed unsupported Search function in Mobile Forums
Mobile Mobile: Fixed where the "mark private" setting was not set correctly when editing an Activity Comment
Mobile Mobile : Add Metrics to ServerConfiguration feed so that Connections apps can determine if Metrics is installed and enabled on the Connections server.
News LO76558 IBMi: Fixed the error when adding a comment to Status Update
News Resolved the problem where Status Update is not showing in activity stream after migrating from version 4.0 to version 4.5
News Fixed issue with inactive users with {} in the displayName
News Addressed the problem when posting an @mention to a user with {} in the displayName
News Removed erroneous message in logs when News is started
News Improvements in Blogs when SAML is configured
News Fixed problem when a user in a Private Community does not see Stories in the "I'm Following" view.
Notifications LO76612
Fixed incorrect UI display for 'Receive notifications from other people by email'
Plugin - Notes Some Notes administrators registering the Connections gadgets for their Notes installations encountered a warning about duplicate proxy definitions when importing the xml files generated by their Connections admin counterpart. These duplicate definitions, while harmless, have been removed from xml files generated in this CR and in the future.
Plugin - Notes Improved the handling of the Notes Widget Registration Utility
Profiles LO75799 Corrected the behavior when choosing to follow a user when the invitation is sent from "Do you know" widget
Profiles LO76463 Resolved an error when adding a file to the Pronunciation field in IE9
Profiles Fixed problem when expanding the Inline Bizcard on IE
Waltz LO75928 Websphere 8.0 Global transactions are rolled back when searching VMM for groups fail
Waltz Added the capability of validating custom cookies names
Wikis LO75923 Improved Wiki Version Comparison
Wikis LO76269 Fixed Wiki attachment URL's when upgrading from to 4.0
Wikis Fixed the Alternate text of image when inserting image as attachment in a Wiki page
Wikis Replaced hardcoded strings in the Wiki TOC
Wikis Fixed issue when comparing Wikis versions that contain a URL
Wikis Fixed the problem with duplicate internal ids in the Wiki Table of Contents

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