Error CWLAA1003E while deploying Impact 5.1.1 OpViews to TIP 2.1

Technote (troubleshooting)


Following the steps in the OpView Guide for Impact 5.1.1 "Deploying OpViews on TIP"

Error occurs at step 11 when executing UNIX: ./ or Windows: ./installOpview.bat


While Integrating Impact 5.1.1 with TIP 2.1 below error occurs while on 11th step

"Deploy the opview.war " in Deploying operator views on Tivoli Integrated Portal guide

ADMA5110I: The application isclite is installed as a hidden application and will not be exposed via administrative interfaces such as GUI client, wsadmin or MBean Java API. In order to perform management operations on this application, the application name must be known.
CWLAA10007I: Explanation: The help plug-in of the Integrated Solutions Console module was deployed successfully. User action: No user action required.
CWLAA10004E: Explanation: The Portal Application Archive (PAA) instance documents validate against the PAA schema, but have incomplete
information. User action: Check the server logs for details.
ADMA0185W: An update application operation failed and the configuration session could not be restored to its state before the operation was initiated. The configuration session is in an inconsistent state, and changes made in the session should be discarded.
ADMA5011I: The cleanup of the temp directory for application isclite is complete.
Update of isclite has ended.
Unable to add /appl/tibux00/tip/tip/systemApps/isclite.ear/opview.war to application isclite
WASX7309W: No "save" was performed before the script "./warDeployer.jy" exited; configuration changes will not be saved.


The cause of this issue is due to the version of TIP being used.

For Impact 5.1.1, only TIP but not TIP 2.1 ,this newer version of TIP is not currently supported with Impact 5.1.1.

However the next major release - Impact 6.1 onwards - comes with TIP.

Resolving the problem

The set up needs to use TIP 1.x or upgrade to Impact 6.1

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