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Warning Empty string String is empty after playback test case

Technote (troubleshooting)


The playback of an IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) test case with IBM Rational Robot script implementation results in an unexpected active window (UAW).


The following script results in the warning. The Notepad window has a grey caption bar.


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Sub Main
   Dim Result As Integer

   Window SetContext, "Caption=Untitled - Notepad", ""
End Sub

However, when you opened Robot before you start the test case, you get expected results.

The following script runs without error in a test case, while Robot is closed before you start the test case.

Sub Main
   Dim Result As Integer

   Window SetContext, "Caption=Untitled - Notepad", ""

End Sub


The cause is unknown.


RQM 4.0.1

Resolving the problem

Open Robot before starting the test case.

If you run scripts sequentially, for example in a suite, update to Robot iFix03 or newer. These newer versions keep Robot open after the playback completes. Then the next script will playback error free too. You only need to open Robot once.

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