Cannot view all multi-page tiff thumbnails from IBM Content Navigator

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Open a multi-page tiff file located on an IBM ECM FileNet P8 (P8) object store from within IBM Content Navigator (ICN) viewer applet and only a couple of pages containing content can be seen. The other pages are blank.


Not all the information has been streamed to the end-user when viewing the multi-page tiff in ICN.

Resolving the problem

Disable the ICN streamer as follows:

  1. Locate the following file on the installed system: navigator/js/filenetViewer.js
  2. Go down to approximately line 50 and comment out the following line;
    this.useStreamer = (contentType.indexOf("tiff") != -1 || contentType.indexOf("pdf") != -1);
  3. Add the following so that PDF files can still be streamed;
    this.useStreamer = (contentType.indexOf("pdf") != -1);

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