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How to write into the Rhapsody output window using Java API

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How do you write information into each tab of the output window in IBM Rational Rhapsody using the Java API?


There are 6 tabs in the Rational Rhapsody output window:

  • Log
  • Check Model
  • Build
  • Configuration Management
  • Animation
  • Search Results

There is no documentation which explains how to write the information.


Using the Java API, you can only write or clear the following output windows:

  • Log
  • Build
  • Configuration Management
  • Animation

API Methods

Use the following methods to write and clear the output window.

  • IRPApplication.writeToOutputWindow(java.lang.String title, java.lang.String outputStr)
  • IRPApplication.clearOutputWindow(java.lang.String title)



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IRPApplication app = RhapsodyAppServer.getActiveRhapsodyApplication();
app.writeToOutputWindow("Log","this information will be output into the [Log] tab.");

app.writeToOutputWindow("Build","this information will be output into the [Build] tab.");

app.writeToOutputWindow("Configuration Management","this information will be output into the [Configuration Management] tab.");
app.clearOutputWindow("Configuration Management");

app.writeToOutputWindow("Animation","this information will be output into the [Animation] tab.");

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