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Cannot select a requirement when linking to Rational DOORS module from Rational Rhapsody

Technote (troubleshooting)


When an OSLC integration is configured between IBM Rational DOORS and IBM Rational Rhapsody, you cannot select a remote Rational DOORS module when you attempt to create a link from Rational Rhapsody.


When attempting to create a link to a remote requirement, the Select Requirement window is empty.


This issue was identified as a product defect and logged internally as defect 6182.


This problem was tested in the following environment:

Server operating system: Windows 2008 64 bit
Client operating system: Windows 7 64 bit
Application server: IBM WebSphere Application Server with Oracle database
Rational DOORS client version:
Rational DOORS Server version:
Rational Rhapsody Design Manager version 4.0.4
Rational Rhapsody version 8.0.4

Diagnosing the problem

To reproduce the problem:

  1. In Design Manager create a Rational Rhapsody sample project and set it to Actively Managed with Design Manager.
  2. Create a Uses Requirements association to Rational DOORS modules in Design Manager project. Save the project area.                
  3. Start the Rational DOORS client. Open the Remote Services window from the File > OSLC menu.
  4. Create a new collaboration link of type Satisfied by/refined by/traced by to the new Design Manager project. 
  5. Start the Rational Rhapsody desktop client and open a model.
  6. Log in to Design Manager and Rational DOORS when prompted.
  7. From a package in the browser, select Link to Remote Requirement from the context menu.
  8. Set the link type to satisfies/trace/refines and select the project as the Rational DOORS module.
  9. Select Type as Select requirement collection from system requirement and click the Browse button.
Expected Results
You should be able to select the requirement collection.

Actual Results

A blank window is displayed

Resolving the problem

To avoid this problem, select the Rational DOORS ERS service when you create the initial association to the Design Manager project.

Document information

More support for: Rational DOORS
Integrations: IBM

Software version:

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1649254

Modified date: 10 September 2013