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OpenPages Steps to Utilize ObjectManager to Rename Objects

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What are the steps an OpenPages administrator can follow to rename objects?


The following solution assumes that the OpenPages administrator knows the following:

    • The system-level folder name of the object other the following message will be displayed: VALIDATION ERROR (Line: 968 Column: 55): Resource to rename (/_op_sox/Project/Default/BusinessEntity/ENTITY_oldname/ENTITY_oldname.txt) does not exist.
The following is the ObjectManager syntax for moving objects via ObjectManager:
<openpagesConfiguration xmlFormatVersion="1.31">
        <renameResource oldFullName="{fullpath of the object to be renamed}"
                        newShortName="{name new of the object}.txt"/>
Using the following example as a working example, an OpenPages administrator can rename an entity from  ENTITY01 to ENTITY01A  by:
    1. Log onto the application server.
    2. Open a text editor.
    3. Copy the syntax example above.
    4. Update the example to reflect the target folder location(s) and source folder location(s). For example:
      <openpagesConfiguration xmlFormatVersion="1.31">
              <renameResource oldFullName="/_op_sox/Project/Default/BusinessEntity/ENTITY01/ENTITY01.txt"
    5. Save the file using the an ObjectManager name (i.e.: samplerename-op-config.xml).
    6. Open a command prompt or shell.
    7. Go to: <OPENPAGES_HOME> | bin where the default <OPENPAGES_HOME> is:
      Operating System Default <OPENPAGES_HOME>
      Windows C:\OpenPages
      AIX / Linux /opt/OpenPages
    8. Run the command to load the ObjectManager file. The following is the sample output for the working example:
      D:\OpenPages\bin>ObjectManager l c OpenPagesAdministrator OpenPagesAdministrator D:\temp samplerename

      OpenPages V8.2.0.0 (Build: OP_6.2-56 2012/11/05 19:17:21) starting ...
      OpenPages Global environment initialized.
       Object Manager Admin Utility V6.2.0.0 (Build: OP_6.2-56 2012/11/05 19:27:49)

      List of command line arguments:
              Arg 1: <l>
              Arg 2: <c>
              Arg 3: <OpenPagesAdministrator>
              Arg 4: <****>
              Arg 5: <D:\temp>
              Arg 6: <samplerename>
      Total number of arguments: 6
      OpenPages Server environment initialized.

      Loading OpenPages Configuration (samplerename) from folder: 'D:\temp' ...

      Processing started at Fri Apr 05 08:48:21 EDT 2013

      Processing Rename Resource Requests ...
            1 total

      Rename Resource requests processed: 1

      Total Objects processed: 0

      Total Requests processed: 1

      Total Validation Errors: 0

      Total Exceptions: 0

      Processing finished at Fri Apr 05 08:48:23 EDT 2013
      Elapsed time: 2418 milliseconds
    9. Restart the OpenPages services.
If an OpenPages administrator needs to rename multiple objects via ObjectManager, the following is the sample syntax:
<openpagesConfiguration xmlFormatVersion="1.31">
        <renameResource oldFullName="{fullpath of the object 1 to be renamed}"
                        newShortName="{name new of the object 1}.txt"/>
        <renameResource oldFullName="{fullpath of the object 2 to be renamed}"
                        newShortName="{name new of the object 2}.txt"/>
        <renameResource oldFullName="{fullpath of the object 3 to be renamed}"
                        newShortName="{name new of the object 3}.txt"/>

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