What information needed before opening a PMR for IBM SPSS Statistics

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I would like to open a PMR case for IBM SPSS Statistics. What information should I collect and provide IBM SPSS Techncial Support when opening the case?

Resolving the problem

Please provide as much of the following information as possible when opening the new PMR to IBM SPSS Technical Support

(1) Are you a member of your organization's IT support group? If you are member, go to (B). If you are not a member, go to (C).

(1) Are you reporting a server or desktop issue?
(2) If you are reporting a server issue, is the problem with a license manager server or a Statistics server?
(3) If you are reporting a desktop computer issue, does the problem affect more than one computer?
(4) If the problem affects more than one computer, approximately how many computers does it affect?

(1) Do you have the disks or files required to install your software?
(2) Do you have the license authorization codes for your software?
(3) If you have acquired your software, are you experiencing a problem when installing your software?
(4) If you have acquired your license authorization code, are you experiencing a problem licensing your software?
(5) If you have installed and licensed your product, do you have a question about the product? If so, please state your question:
(6) If you are reporting a problem when the product starts, please describe the problem including any error/warning messages.

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