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How to export and import ‘Configuration Backups’ from one machine to another.

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Sometimes it is necessary to export and import the configuration from one Lotus Protector machine to another (e.g. if you have several machines and one of them fails with an unrecoverable hardware defect and has to be replaced with a new machine).


Warning: the firmware version of the Lotus Protector machine where you do the configuration export has to be exactly the same as on the machine where you want to import the configuration. The Lotus Protector system will not show you any warnings about this. It imports and applies incompatible configurations if you don’t care about. A Lotus Protector system with an incompatible configuration will stop working!

a) create a settings snapshot on the other machine and then upload and apply this settings snapshot to the new machine (--> this can be done via 'Backup & Restore | System | Manage Configuration Backups').

After the settings snapshot was applied to the new machine the system will have the same identical configuration as the other machine (including the IP address configuration). Therefore: pull the network cables from the new machine (so that it can't interfere with the other machine), access the new machine physically via monitor and keyboard (or with the VMWare Remote Console) and set the correct IP address and hostname.

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b) If you want to avoid that all the settings are copied to the other machine you may just copy the 'Mail Security' configuration files instead of importing/applying the full settings snapshot. The copying between the machines can be done with SCP (e.g. with the Windows tool WinSCP).

1. get the MailSecurity related configuration files from the existing system


2. copy the configuration files to the system
Copy the 3 files on the new system to (overwrite the existing files):


Copy the 3 files as well to the following directories (mailsec_policy1_1.xml to ../mailsec_policy, ...)


3. restart the Mailsec daemon
--> service mailsecd restart

    Cross reference information
    Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
    Security Proventia Network Mail Security System Not Applicable Firmware 1.8, 2.4, 2.5, 2.5.1, 2.6,, 2.8 All Editions

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