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How to connect Modeler to the Analytic Server

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How does the Modeler Client connect to the Analytic Server?


Follow these steps to connect a Modeler Client to the Analytic Server

1. The Modeler Client is required to be at Fix Pack 2.

2. Install IBM SPSS Modeler Client Extensions 15.0 for SPSS Analytic Server 1.0 Microsoft Windows Multilingual.
This will create the Analytic Server nodes in the Modeler Client.

3. Update the options.cfg for the Modeler Server to know which Analytic Server to use.
Add the following two lines.

as_url, http://{AS_SERVER}:{PORT}/admin/{TENANT}
as_prompt_for_password, {Y|N}

4. In Modeler Client, connect to the Modeler Server as normal. Do not add the Analytic Server in the spot where you add/connect to the Modeler Server.

5. Click on Tools --> Analytic Server Login to log into the Analytic Server specified in the options.cfg.

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