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Recovering a cluster when one of the hosts in a DB2 pureScale cluster indicate "No" for Quorum

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How to recover a cluster, when one of the hosts in a DB2 pureScale cluster indicate "No" for Quorum?


In a DB2 pureScale cluster that works with TSA, one of the nodes (ie. host03 in the following example) indicates a "No" for Quorum. This is because the quorum vote was disabled on this node. Therefore, the tiebreaker would become "No" as well.

host01:/# lsrpnode -B -Q -P
Name OpState RSCTVersion Quorum Preferred Tiebreaker
host01 Online Yes Yes Yes
host06 Online Yes Yes Yes
host05 Online Yes Yes Yes
host04 Online Yes Yes Yes
host03 Online No Yes No <<<<<<<<<<<<<

You can see "IsQuorumNode=0" in output of "lsrsrc -Ab IBM.PeerNode":

resource 6:
Name = "host03"
NodeList = {3}
RSCTVersion = ""
ClassVersions = {}
CritRsrcProtMethod = 0
IsQuorumNode = 0 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
IsPreferredGSGL = 1
NodeUUID = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
ActivePeerDomain = "db2domain_20121024211952"
NodeNameList = {"host03.sealedair.corp"}
OpState = 1
ConfigChanged = 0
CritRsrcActive = 1
OpUsabilityState = 1


To recover the cluster back to its health, run the following from any host in the cluster that is online:

$ chrsrc -s "Name like '<node>'" IBM.PeerNode IsQuorumNode=1

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