New Memory Analyzer extension: Cognos Business Intelligence



The Cognos Business Intelligence Extension for Memory Analyzer lets you take a content oriented system dump analysis approach and focus on system content rather than software source code and data structures.


The Cognos Business Intelligence Extension for Memory Analyzer provides a set of queries designed to help you analyze the following issues in the Cognos Business Intelligence Platform.

  • Application server memory usage planning and rationalization
  • System stability issues such as slow performance, performance degradation and hangs
  • Resource utilization sampling, system tuning and optimization
  • Configuration validation and adjustment
  • Non reproducible exceptions
  • System crashes
  • General Cognos BI platform system health check

With the queries you can use a content oriented troubleshooting approach which focuses on the operational view to reveal the following types of information.
  • System topology, including what services are available on which server instances in a distributed environment
  • System settings, including system configuration, system parameters and advanced settings
  • Client requests consisting of user actions. For example, an HTTP request, a JMX request, a SOAP request, etc.
  • Various elapsed times of a process. For example, the start of a request or intermediate elapsed times during a request process life cycle.
  • User activities such as who a user is, from what browser with what IP address, elapsed time, and what a request is doing, etc.
  • Key connection and queue size information in between components
  • Utility tools to search and display well known objects such as a request and its elapsed time
For information on installing problem determination tools for IBM Support Assistant Workbench 4.1 see " How to download, install, and run tools through IBM Support Assistant Workbench 4.1".

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