Identifying the V6+ location of dsmserv.opt on UNIX systems

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How can I identify which dsmserv.opt is being used on my Tivoli Storage Manager V6+ implementation on UNIX?


The dsmserv.opt options file will be located within the instance user's home directory. The following options describes different methods for identifying this directory, and the associated dsmserv.opt file:

1. Run 'ps' against the running dsmserv process:

    $ ps -ef | grep dsmserv
    tsminst1  2278     1  0 Aug12 ?        00:58:49 /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/dsmserv -u tsminst1 -i /home/tsminst1 -q

In this case, the -i option identifies the instance users home directory, so dsmserv.opt will exist in /home/tsminst1/.

2. 'Cat' the passwd file to locate the home directory of the Tivoli Storage Manager instance user. This directory will be the instance users home directory:

    $ cat /etc/passwd | grep tsminst1

In this case, the home directory for user 'tsminst1' is /home/tsminst1/, so the dsmserv.opt file will exist in that directory. NOTE: Some administrators may move the dsmserv.opt and related files to another non-standard location, so this method may not work for all.

3. Looks for the dsmserv.dbid file. This location should be the same as where the dsmserv.opt file is located.

    $ find / | grep dsmserv.dbid

In this case, /home/tsminst1/ should also contain the dsmserv.opt file. If there are multiple Tivoli Storage Manager server instances on a single machine, this method may show multiple locations.

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