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Unable to read titles or details of Federated calendar entries with IBM Notes 9

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A IBM Notes 9 user is reporting they are unable to read the titles and details of Federated calendar entries in their Notes client .


The text color chosen by the user for the Federated calendar entry is too light to read in the new format of calendar entries in IBM Notes 9.

In previous versions of Notes, users may have set their Federated calendar background color to a dark color, and set the text to a lighter color to improve readability on the dark background,

In IBM Notes 9, the color selected for the background of calendar entries is now simply a banner on the left side of the entry, leaving the remainder of the calendar entry body white. This makes lighter text in the white body difficult to read, and in some cases may appear that the text is missing.

Resolving the problem

The user must select a darker text color for their Federated calendar entries.

To correct this, right click the calendar to be modified in the left navigation bar of the calendar view.

Then, select 'Modify', make appropriate text choices to improve readability, and click OK to save the changes.

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Software version: 9.0

Operating system(s): Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS

Software edition: Social Edition

Reference #: 1648873

Modified date: 25 November 2013

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