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Mails slow to transfer, long delays noted

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The customer reported that mails to one particular Domain were taking a long time to transfer, in one case an 8 hour delay was noted.


Slow Mail transfer


Multiple concurrent threads not set on this connection

Diagnosing the problem

Reviewing the console logs with the following parameters

We could see the following:

"Router: Transfer queue to server <server name> is already pending (1 active, 0 ready)"

So at least 1 mail was pending but there were no indications as to why.

Resolving the problem

Enable Notes.ini parameter:


On the connecting server, restart the router.

Mails then begin to transfer much quicker

From TN:
Title: Enabling concurrent transfer threads and the notes.ini parameter RouterAllowConcurrentXferToAll
Doc #: 1096066

By enabling RouterAllowConcurrentXferToAll, multiple concurrent threads will also be used for Domino servers transferring NRPC mail over a Connection document, for example when transferring to another Notes domain. Connection documents are assumed to be a slow connection and will not utilise the concurrent threads without this notes.ini parameter set.

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Software version: 8.0, 8.5, 9.0

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Modified date: 2013-09-03