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Snapshots abort with 'FBSS7017E Failure to read volume structure.'

Technote (troubleshooting)


Snapshots can abort with FBSS7017E messages due to APAR IC81787 or if the volume is highly fragmented.


Possible causes include:
1. APAR IC81787 has been encountered by the FastBack Server.
2. The volumes on the affected clients reported by the FBSS7017E message are highly fragmented.

Resolving the problem

If FastBack Server version or earlier is being used, the following FLASH should be reviewed and the environment should be upgraded to a level that includes the fix for APAR: IC81787.

'IBM TSM FastBack: Metadata Backup Chain Can Be Corrupted Resulting in Data Loss.':

When this document was created, the current version that should be installed was

Please see the documents in the 'Related information' section of this document for details on how to download the current version of the software and how to upgrade the environment in the correct sequence.

If FastBack Server version or later is being used, run CHKDSK on the affected volumes.

If the issue occurs after CHKDSK has run, download Microsoft's 'Contig' utility and run the utility from a volume other than the affected volume:

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