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Change HTTP Password administration requests are not processed immediately

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As an administrator you have set up a security policy to synchronise your user's Notes and HTTP passwords, but the Change HTTP password administration requests are not processed immediately,


The Change user password in domino directory administration requests are generated immediately but the the Change HTTP password requests can take a number of hours to complete, in the worst case up to 24 hours or more to complete.


In this case the issue was caused by a third party application Client Genie from BCC, which the customer uses to register and manage their users. In managing their users the customer had customised a Client Genie login form which caused the Change HTTP requests to be delayed

In another case it was found that user's who had been renamed using the BCC Administration Suite had the security setting policy deleted from their local NAB, resulting in no Change HTTP password request being generated. BCC are currently investigating this case.


Lotus Notes 8.0.2 basic clients using Citrix Terminal Services

Diagnosing the problem

Replication and Administration debug did not provide a root cause in this case and showed that these items were functioning correctly from a Domino perspective.
It was found that when the a user completed a password change request using a standard Notes client that both the Change HTTP password request was completed immediately after the Change user password in domino directory request was completed and replication of the admin4.nsf and names.nsf completed between the user's mail and administration server.
This lead to a renewed focus on the user's client management in the organisation rather than the Domino servers which lead to finding Client Genie being identified as the cause of the issue.

Resolving the problem

In this case reverting from the customised Client Genie login form to the standard Client Genie login form resulted in the Change HTTP request being processed correctly.
It should be noted that a root cause as to why the customised login form caused this issue was not pursued as this would have to investigated by the company who produce Client Genie.

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Software version: 8.5.2

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Reference #: 1648624

Modified date: 13 August 2014

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