Unable to install IBM SPSS Statistics on Mac 10.8.4

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I am attempting to perform an installation of IBM SPSS Statistics on Mac OS 10.8.4.
After downloading the *.dmg file, I run the installer.app, but get a blank window with only the OK button. It is not possible to perform the installation.


The issue is caused by an Apple Java problem. For more information, please update "Java for OS X 2013-004." This update corrects an issue with Java applications failing to respond to user input.



Mac 10.8.4

Resolving the problem

Please use the current JAVA update. To obtain this patch, go to System Preferences, select Software Update and choose the Check Now option. This will give you a list of applications that need to be updated.

You can also download the update directly from here:
Apple Support Update Java for OS X 2013-004

After installing the update reboot your Mac and try to install IBM SPSS Statistics.

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