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Saving query outcome to CSV results in no names for linked work items

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Attempts to saving work item query results in IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) to CSV file, results with a file that has no names for linked work items (only work item IDs are being shown).


You only see work item IDs.

Steps to reproduce

The following steps reproduces the results in RTC web UI.

  1. Create a query.

  2. Add new column Children under the Column Display tab.

  3. Add a unique name to the query and save it.

  4. Run the query.

  5. Use the Download as spreadsheet (csv.) button on the right left corner of the Conditions section.

The results file does not contains names/links of children work items as in the screen capture.


The Children column are references to potentially multiple elements.

Resolving the problem

It is working as designed.

The exported CSV file contains only the IDs of related items. By design you can export multiple entires.

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Document information

More support for: Rational Team Concert
Work Items

Software version: 3.0.1,,,,,,, 4.0,,, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1648574

Modified date: 05 September 2013

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