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How to apply a Rational Adapter for HP ALM test fix

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How do you apply a test fix you have received from IBM Rational Support for specific issues you encountered with the Rational Adapter for HP ALM?


Instructions to apply the Rational Adapter for HP ALM test fixes


  • You backed up any application data and server configurations.
  • You backed up the hpqm.war in case you need to revert to the original web application. The hpqm.war can be located at HPInstallDir/server/tomcat/webapps or HPInstallDir/server/webapps depending whether you chose the Apache Tomcat or WebSphere Application Server option during the adapter installation.
  • You obtained from IBM Support a copy of the updated hpqm.war to deploy.

On Tomcat:
  1. Stop the Tomcat application server. See the Starting Apache Tomcat documentation topic for instructions about how to stop and start Tomcat.

  2. Delete the hpqm directory at HPInstallDir/server/tomcat/webapps.

  3. Replace the hpqm.war at HPInstallDir/server/tomcat/webapps.

  4. Start the Tomcat application server.

  5. Tomcat deploys and starts the Rational Adapter for HP ALM by using the updated hpqm.war.

On WebSphere Application Server:
  1. Stop the Rational Adapter for HP ALM web application in the WebSphere Administrative console.

  2. Navigate to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications, select hpqm_war and click Stop.

  3. Select hpqm_war again, click Uninstall.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Save to save the changes to the master configuration.

  6. Next follow the Deploying WebSphere Application Server topics to redeploy, substituting the full path to the updated hpqm.war file for the original hpqm.war. Instructions for deploying by using Jython scripting and by using the Administrative console are provided.

  7. Start the Rational Adapter for HP ALM web application by selecting hpqm_war from the application listing and click Start.

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